Assistance Programs

Positive Impact offers different assistance programs to address the many needs of Arizona families in crisis.  Since our founding in 1998, we have had the privilege of easing the financial burden for hundreds of families in crisis.  The incredible support of businesses and individuals in our community helps us to lend a helping hand to needy Arizona families in the form of grocery certificates, gas, water, and electricity assistance, and medical and dental needs through the following assistance programs:

Hardship Assistance

Beneficiaries receive one-time assistance of up to $500 in the form of grocery certificates, payment on their electric, gas and water bills or assistance for medical or dental care.  This assistance program provides an Arizona family or individual with much needed support to hold them over until other support kicks in or until self-sufficiency is restored.  Families that receive this assistance are generally referred to us, must submit our application for assistance and are carefully screened for eligibility.

Critical Medical Assistance

Critical Medical Assistance is awarded to families in need due that are experiencing a medical illness and provides aid up to $5,000.  This assistance is used for medical expenses, utilities, gas, and groceries.  Arizona Families need to fill out a Positive Impact Application and provide medical and financial documents to be considered for approval.

Catastrophic Assistance

This program provides major medical assistance for the uninsured and under insured through a fundraising campaign that is dedicated to the person in need.  Most often the recipients that receive assistance through the Catastrophic Assistance Program are children suffering from a serious medical illness.

Positive Impact assists in organizing a core group of the recipient’s family members, friends, coworkers, classmates and church members.  This core group becomes the manpower behind fundraising events that will benefit the individual in need. Recipients of Catastrophic Assistance are often referred by hospital social workers.  In addition to our Positive Impact application, candidates are asked to submit medical records and financial documents to be considered for eligibility.

Christmas Adopt – A – Family

Each December, Positive Impact matches needy families in the community with those who have the heart and means to provide gifts for them at Christmas time.  Social workers refer these families and gather lists of needed items for each child along with household needs.  The lists are distributed to those who would like to adopt a family.  They shop for the gifts and return them to a Positive Impact representative, who delivers them to the adopted family in time for Christmas.

We also hold a peanut butter and jelly drive each December.  Peanut butter, jelly, Ritz crackers and apple juice are collected, packaged and distributed to the elementary students of low income schools.  These school serve breakfast and lunch each day to students of low income families, and many of the families in these schools have little or no food when school closes for the winter holiday.  The humble gift of peanut butter and jelly helps many families survive until schools reopens in January and begins serving meals to its students again.

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