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Positive Impact President Andy Villa goes Hawkeye Hawaiian

President’s Letter for the website

Since the inception of Positive Impact, I have been continually challenged by the overwhelming needs of those who live right here in our own community. With each need, I have been equally amazed at the responsiveness of people to reach out and help in any way they can. Our entire organization is grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who have dedicated time, talents and resources to help others survive in times of crisis. The generous nature of those who can give has become the backbone for Positive Impact’s ability to help those in need. Thank you to those who continue to selflessly give to others.

Positive Impact is fortunate to have a core group of dedicated, hard-working individuals united in their purpose to help those in need. With a wide range of interests and resources, each member brings a unique but important element to the table making the board an effective, dynamic team.

In order to stay abreast of community needs, the board meets regularly to determine eligibility of applicants and how to best carry out meeting particular needs. Fundraising ideas and events are a regular part of our meeting discussions. In addition, the board can refer applicants to other charitable organizations if it’s determined that needs fall outside Positive Impact’s assistance parameters.

Positive Impact’s Board of Directors represents many facets of our local community. Connected and in touch with the needs of those around us, the board strives to address urgent needs and develop strategies to better serve our local area. Positive Impact seeks out other charitable organizations as resources. As applicants’ needs are determined, they are often referred to other organizations that may address needs not covered through our own assistance programs.

Kim Quade with Shrekies Art and Penny Smith

Holly Nelson with Breanna Pena’s mom Richelle and grandma Diane Weirich

We are grateful to the following business leaders and members of the community who are currently serving on our board:

Andrew Villa, President
Peg Consoer– Board Member
Pam Gerber, Vice President, Assistance Coordinator
Holly Nelson – Treasurer
Kim Quade – Director of Administration
Renee Villa – Secretary