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Positive Impact is an invaluable resource for our families. With economy and budget cuts you have helped families in so many ways with your monetary donations towards electric/gas bills even gas gift cards. This has allowed some relief to these families letting them focus on other concerns at bay. Thank you!

Pamela Ruzi LMSW
Pediatric Outreach Case Coordinator

I could write a novel on what Positive Impact means to me. I received a call last week from a patient who got your $500 assistance at the beginning of the year. He said that is was the one thing that kept him going when he was just about to give up hope. Positive Impact is a reliable, efficient and timely organization that provides practical help to patients when they need it most. I am truly honored to have an organization like yours in our community – thank you so much!

Jill, Mayo Clinic
Social Worker

Positive Impact has blessed so many families that I work with, because the organization doesn’t focus on only helping certain illnesses but helping anyone with an ill child.
It is very rewarding to have an organization that promptly responds to our urgent family needs. I know as a case manager, I can count on Positive Impact to meet the needs of the families I serve. Thank you for the wonderful job you all from Positive Impact do!

Roxana E. Sandoval
Case Manager
Tu Nidito “your little nest” Family and Children Services

Positive Impact has been a vital resource for the patients I serve as an oncology social worker. Many of our patients are out of work due to their illness and have trouble making ends meet. Positive Impact has been there to help our patients keep their lights on, their homes heated and to put food on the table when they would otherwise go without. Positive Impact truly makes a positive impact on the lives of our patients!

Kathleen Pickrel, LMSW
Clinical Social Worker
University Medical Center
Radiology Oncology
Tucson, AZ

When a family receives news that their child has cancer, the world as they know it stops. Unfortunately, their bills do not. In fact, their bills often increase due to unexpected medical costs, co-payments and the transportation to get their child into their appointments. These increased bills are often accompanied with a reduction in income because parents need to reduce hours, take family leave, or quit work. This combination adds a financial burden and emotional stress to a family already reeling with the news of their child’s illness. It is a blessing to have an organization like Positive Impact! Your organization provides relief for families by helping them with food, gas and utility bills. You cannot imagine the relief that families feel when they do not have to choose between making their utility payment or paying for their co-pays and for gas to take their child for chemotherapy. Thanks a million!

Rhonda Baldwin, LCSW
Pediatric Social Worker
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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